Feeding Five on $100: What We Ate This Week

A couple of weeks ago we were all sick and didn’t feel like eating a whole lot. And I didn’t feel like shopping a whole lot either. I skipped both Sam’s Club and the discount bakery that week and we were okay because we hardly ate anything anyway.

As a result, we had money left over that week for groceries, which I simply put toward the next week’s budget. When we were better, I resumed my regular shopping. However, I neglected to write down my exact figures (SICK!), so the best I can do now is take my Sam’s Club and discount bakery purchases from last week and divide the amount by two.

So here we go.


Walmart Purchases

Walmart Purchases

Walmart Receipt

Walmart Receipt

Farmer’s Market

Farmer's Market Purchases

Farmer’s Market Purchases

Farmer's Market Receipt

Farmer’s Market Receipt

Sam’s Club (remember: divide receipt total by two = $27.49)

Sam's Club Purchases

Sam’s Club Purchases

Sam's Club Receipt

Sam’s Club Receipt

Discount Bakery (remember: divide receipt total by two = $5.46). My apologies for the bad lighting. That’s six loaves of bread in the picture. I was given one loaf free because I complained (nicely) about a loaf that had gone moldy from my previous purchase.

Discount Bakery Purchases

Discount Bakery Purchases

Bread Store Receipt

Bread Store Receipt

So, keeping in mind that I divided two of my totals in half, I still managed to stay within my weekly budget at $98.64.

Here’s what we ate:



Pancakes (from homemade Bisquick)





Tuna Salad Sandwiches

PB & Jelly / Honey / or Nutella sandwiches

Tomato & Feta sandwiches


Fresh fruit

Veggie sticks

Greek yogurt with honey



Pasta Fagioli without Beans (recipe coming soon!)

Chicken & Rice Soup. A family favorite. I just use regular chicken because I don’t like canned.

Spaghetti. Our favorite sauce. I leave out the green pepper.

Taco Casserole. Another family favorite we never, ever tire of. Add up to 1 cup of rice to stretch ground beef.

Easy Sweet and Sour Chicken. A new one we’re trying this week.

Easy Chicken Enchiladas.

Spaghetti Carbonara (recipe coming soon!)

Easy Tomato Basil Pasta. Another new one we’re trying this week with frozen cheese tortellini as our pasta of choice.

All dinners (except soups which have veggies in them) are served with either fresh fruit, organic baby spinach salads, Ranch Roasted Carrots, or Oven Roasted Broccoli, depending on what I have on hand in regards to both ingredients and time.

And I’m still building up my recipe repertoire, I assure you. I try to test new recipes every week and only about 2/10 have made the cut lately. The problem is that I’m picky. And allergic to several varieties of raw fruits and vegetables. And I have issues with texture….

Anyway! If you have any spectacular recipes you’ve tried lately, please share them with me. 🙂 My goal is to have about 30 or so tested-and-approved recipes that:

1. Can be made with inexpensive and easily-located ingredients.

2. Do not require hours in the kitchen.

3. Are reasonably healthy (no vats of butter and cream, please).


Thanks for reading and have a great week!


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